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10 Myths Of The Current Diet That You Must Banish

Many food myths have no scientific basis and can make us lose vitamins or, instead of losing weight, we are even winning.

At the time of making a diet we face an extensive list of difficulties. It may prevent us from achieving the goal of losing weight in a healthy way and that, in addition, the weight loss achieved does not continue over time. The main enemies of diets are the myths of food.

In a society in which there is an avalanche of information, it is not surprising that endless beliefs about the effects of some foods on our weight constantly spread.

Therefore, we will explain the 10 myths of food that you must banish completely. Remember, if you have any kind of doubt, seek specialized advice.

10 Food myths that you should not overlook

  1. Eating fruit as a dessert makes us gain weight

Many people say that eating fruit after a meal can make us fat. However, this statement does not have full validity, since, scientifically; this belief has not been proven.

There is no reason to believe that fruits will give you more calories because they were ingested after your meals.

They have the same amount of calories no matter when you eat them. On the contrary, fruits are low in calories and offer important nutrients for your body such as water, fiber, minerals, vitamins and natural sugar.

  1. Eating whole products makes you lose weight

Most people who are on a diet feel convinced that they will lose weight just by eating whole-grain products. It is not like this. This is one of the biggest food myths.

Truly, it is worthwhile to eat whole– grain products, but not because they alone make you lose weight, but because they contain more fiber and minerals than traditional foods. In fact, they may have the same amount of calories.

The benefit is that fiber generates a feeling of fullness, so it can help to reduce hunger and, therefore, you will eat less.

  1. Juices lose vitamins

For some years now, the suitability of drinking juices instead of fruits has been discussed. Many recommend consuming only fruit. This is because, supposedly, the juice progressively loses its amount of vitamins.

However, it has been shown that this is not true. The amount of vitamins in the juice remains intact with the passing of hours.

  1. Vegetable fat is less fattening than animal fat

It is advisable to consume vegetable fats instead of animals, but not because they have fewer calories. Actually, the calories contributed by both types of fat are equal to 9 kcal / g.

The benefit of vegetable fats is that they have high contents of unsaturated fatty acids, which are essential for the proper functioning of our body. In addition, fatty vegetables have many micronutrients.

However, there are animal foods with a high concentration of these fatty acids, such as fish. So you should not miss these foods in your diet.

  1. Do not eat carbohydrates

This may be one of the most damaging myths of eating, because too many people believe it without it being true.

In general, it is believed that carbohydrates are the main responsible for excess weight. However, in reality it is the most important compounds in our diet, since they are responsible for providing us with the energy necessary for the body to function.

Of course, it is preferable to opt for complex carbohydrates, such as vegetables, grains and cereals.

  1. Light products, by themselves, helps you lose weight

Many fall into the error of believing that they are eating healthier because they eat only light products. In fact, some believe that being light can afford to eat more, when the reality is different. These products are the same as the originals but with a decrease in some of their components.

That is, if you eat a cookie with the label of light it may be exactly the same as the traditional one, but in a smaller presentation. In certain cases, the presentation may be the same but some calories have been extracted from its contents.

However, in any case, if you eat a lot of this product you will not have saved any calories.

  1. Bread makes you get fat

By itself, no food product makes us fat. It is one of the most widespread food myths.

The bread may have a high caloric intake, but what is fattening is not the bread itself, but consume in total many more calories than you require.

  • Whether its bread or any other food, if you eat it in excess, exceeding the limit of the daily calories needed, you’ll get fat.
  1. Beer gets fat

Many relate beer with the appearance of the so-called “beer belly”. However, several studies have shown that beer is not related to obesity. On the contrary, it is diuretic.

  1. Not having dinner

Many stop eating to lose weight. Do not make that mistake. With it, you will only alter your metabolism, making it slower.

  1. Eliminate sugar

When referring to the damage that this element can cause, we are talking about refined sugar. It is necessary to consume sugar, only with moderation and preferably natural, like that of fruits.

Anyway, if you want to make an adequate diet you should seek the advice of a nutritionist. That way, you’ll make sure you know what your body’s needs are and the appropriate requirements.

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