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What are the 4 Winter Foods that will Help You to Lose Weight?

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Although these foods can promote weight loss, it is essential to include them in a balanced diet and combine them with physical activity to obtain better results. All of us want to be in shape and, at the same time, be healthy. However, in winter we usually lose our physical condition, either because we cannot go to train or because our pantry is full of products with a high fat content. The reality is that we can stay in shape, and in this, diet is essential. In this article we will introduce 4 winter foods that will help you lose weight.

Winter Foods that will Help You Lose Weight

1. The Nuts

Being caloric foods is usually thought to increase our weight instead of helping to decrease it. However, that belief is wrong, because

“Nuts give us the energy we need to maintain our body temperature”.

They also have a high content of very healthy fatty acids, which help us fight cholesterol. They also provide antioxidants and phytosterols , important nutrients to prevent diseases related to overweight, such as coronary heart disease or high cholesterol, among others. On the other hand, they have a great contribution in vitamins and minerals which will give us a greater nutritional contribution. Now, we cannot consume too much, with a handful (50 g) is enough. It is especially advisable to consume them before doing physical activities.

2. Oats

If we want to have something hot to help you fight the cold and also help us lose weight, oatmeal is the ideal option. If something is characterized oats is to have a satiating effect, which is greater than any commercial cereal. In addition, there is research that supports the consumption of oatmeal during breakfast causes us to eat less amount of food in the following meals. This, obviously, favors our figure, because if we do not consume too many calories and with the passage of a period of time we will lose weight. This cereal is rich in zinc, phosphorus, fiber and vitamin B1. It also favors the development of bacteria in the microbiota that are quite beneficial. It can also affect the way the body stores fat, thanks to its high content of prebiotic fiber.

3. Green Tea

It serves to start the winter day with a good hot and delicious drink. It has multiple benefits, because thanks to its properties can act as a very powerful diuretic, so it has always tended to be present in diets. Drinking a cup of green tea daily, in addition, can also reduce appetite.

  • Green tea is rich in antioxidants, especially in catechins. In turn, its caffeine content also makes it a strong stimulant.

These two compounds work together and activate the metabolic function of our body. Thus, they help favor the mechanism of lipolysis (the mobilization of fats that are responsible for burning themselves, and other fats).

  • Green tea helps lose weight, but not so much to take it into account clinically.

Although this also has other positive functions in our body and can help reduce the pain of a workout.

4. The Grenade

This is an authentic winter jewel. This red fruit is the very meaning of the winter season. Unfortunately, there are hardly any people who contemplate its consumption. The grenade has multiple properties. It must be remembered that it can act as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and is rich in minerals (phosphorus, iron, potassium and magnesium), also vital to prevent the dreaded winter colds.

  • Another positive aspect is that the pomegranate is 85% water. We cannot ignore that foods with more water are more satiating.
  • They also usually provide fewer calories than other foods. The pomegranate gives us 68 calories per 100 grams.

You can mix them with salads and even with oats, to give a more natural touch to your food. As you have been able to verify, these 4 foods are good, as much for their nutritional values ​​as for their innumerable benefits, among them those of losing or maintaining the right weight.

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