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5 Fruits that Helps to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way



When consuming fruits that accelerate weight loss it is important not to exceed, since some can increase our sugar levels. Thinking about losing weight is usually associated with extreme diets, difficult to follow and unappetizing foods. However, this does not have to be real. This time we will talk about fruits that accelerate weight loss.

This is a fun, attractive and easy to implement option.

Because the fruits are sweet and pleasant, they make it easier to follow a diet with fewer calories. We recommend you try them all to obtain different nutrients.

1. Grapefruit

When thinking about a fruit that accelerate weight loss it is possible that the first one that comes to mind is grapefruit or grapefruit. This is because this fruit has become one of the best known to eliminate extra Weight. A good alternative is to eat half a grapefruit before each main meal. In this way, you favor the burning of belly fat. In addition, when consuming grapefruit you get vitamin C and water. In case the grapefruit is very large, you can consume only a quarter of it. An alternative is to add it to your smoothies, although you should avoid excesses. Remember that ground fruits are mainly sugar.

2. Apples

The second of the best fruits that accelerate weight loss are apples. One of its main advantages is the price: they are so economical that there really are no reasons not to buy them. In addition, they are rich in fiber and water, so they help clean the bowel and keep you hydrated. Its flavor is another benefit, because it helps to fight the cravings of something sweet and crunchy. Regarding the nutritional aspect, apples are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants. Our recommendation is that you include at least one apple in your daily diet. Ideally, it should be organic, although any other works.

3. Watermelon

Another fruit that accelerate weight loss is watermelon. Although it is generally believed that it has an excess of calories, in reality it only contributes 100 per serving. In addition, 90% of its weight is actually water, so it will make you feel satisfied with little and for longer.

Its high water content helps eliminate fat that accumulates in problem areas, such as belly and legs. However, what you should take into account is that, being a fruit, it contains sugars. Therefore, it is important to consume watermelon in a regular amount and without excess to avoid spikes in blood glucose.

Try to consume a piece of watermelon when it is very hot to regulate your temperature and keep you hydrated. If you choose to consume it in shakes, avoid combining it with other fruits, since that would increase the amount of glucose.

4. Cherries

Do you like cherries? In this case, we are talking about natural cherries, not those that can be sold. Although the latter are the most common and economic, they contain high sugar levels so it is best to avoid them.

In contrast, natural cherries have a balanced flavor between acid and sweet that makes them easy to incorporate into the diet. They are rich in fiber and antioxidants, so they help your body to get rid of what it does not need while fighting the signs of aging. A serving of cherries is equivalent to half a cup, approximately (about 75 g) and you can consume them alone or combined with your cereal. A good alternative, if you want to give yourself an extra taste, is to cover the natural cherries with bitter chocolate.

5. Raspberries

Raspberries are a type of berries and they are well known to be low in calories, high in insoluble fiber and delicious. All the above makes them one of the best fruits that accelerate weight loss. In just one cup of raspberries you will be consuming around 64 calories and 8 grams of fiber. For its aromatic and delicious flavor, raspberries are perfect to combine with oats and other cereals. They also look good in shakes, either creamy with coconut milk and the like, or lighter.


Which of these fruits that accelerate weight loss are your favorites? Tell us how and what you consume. If you do not usually consume any of them, what are you waiting for?


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