Causes of Morning Hypertension and Prevention Methods!

Blood pressure or hypertension usually changes as the day progresses, from its lowest point when we sleep to its highest point during the day according to our activities throughout the day, events related to heart attacks, vascular brain infarctions and damage to the organs affected by hypertension usually occurs in the morning hours, this is given by what is known as morning hypertension.

Morning hypertension is defined by an average blood pressure above 135/85 mm Hg during the first two hours after waking up. Due to the importance of knowing it, it is suggested to measure the blood pressure in the morning, in this way we can evaluate the behavior of medications, diet for the control of hypertension such as the dash diet, exercise routines and detect in time a possible morning hypertension.

We Analyze the Causes:

First we must see how the hypertensive groups are separated according to their behavior during sleeping hours:

  • Dippers (night pressure drop), is an English term that places within this group individuals whose blood pressure during sleeping hours drops between 10 and 20% in relation to the average pressure of the day.
  • Non Dippers (No decrease) within this group are individuals in whom blood pressure drops between 0 and 10% during nighttime hours.
  • Raisers (Increase), are the individuals who, contrary to the previous groups, their pressure increases during the hours of sleep.

Given these groups we can cite the main causes of morning hypertension:

  • Sleep APNEA, this is known as sleep breathing pauses and sometimes accompanied by snoring, it is usually more common in overweight individuals and those with high alcohol consumption.
  • Medications, within this we can include those that are for the control of hypertension, they may not have an effect that lasts 24 hours and with this when we wake up the effect of them would already be exhausted, we can also see the case of these medicines taken at night, when doing so when going to sleep its effect decreases as the hours progress with which when we wake up it would increase blood pressure. The other group of medications would be those that can cause an increase in blood pressure, within these we have asthma control medications, anti allergies, decongestants, among others, due to this the importance of consulting with your doctor when taking them and determine the best time to do it.
  • Cigarette, within the harmful effects of the cigarette is the narrowing of the arteries, the greater the narrowness of these, the greater the blood pressure, in fact the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) has shown that quitting the cigarette can reduce the chances of developing high blood pressure.
  • Caffeine , is because it increases the heart rate and with this the blood pressure.
  • Stress , similar to the previous points, high levels of stress increase blood pressure and heart rate.

Seen the above points it is very important to determine if you have morning hypertension, it is likely that you have it and throughout the day it is regularized or at the time of the medical consultation it is within normal parameters, it is because of this that your Doctor would recommend the use of a pressure gauge for the home, with the same even if you understand that you are not hypertensive, you can determine if it only occurs in the morning and with how serious, thus avoiding possible complications.


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