What are the Reasons that Causes Gum Bleeding in You?

Gum Bleeding will always be related to poor oral hygiene, a problem that not only affects the gums but the entire body. You should know that your gums bleed due to the accumulation of bacterial plaque present in your teeth, which carry an even bigger problem called Gingivitis followed by its main symptoms. If the gums bleed, it is also sensitive to cold or heat, gum retraction, mobility of the teeth and if you go forward you can lose teeth.

For your gums to bleed there must be certain factors that cause an excess of bacterial plaque that increases the probability of developing a Gingivitis or gum bleeding  such as poorly performed amalgam postures causing infection in your teeth or a poor adaptation of dental crowns that can also lead to inflammation. What perhaps few know is that dental crowding, the common problem of crooked teeth, is a factor that develops gums to bleed. People with devices in their gums such as removable prostheses are prone to inflammation and bleeding. The medical reason for a person to develop bleeding in their gums is related to a tendency of the body to develop infections, that is, the body is more prone to suffer from immunosuppressive diseases. Diabetics are at a higher risk of gum problems because they have less ability to fight the bacteria that invade the gums.

The Gums Bleed for These Reasons:

Among the most determining factors is stress as a trigger for inflation and subsequent bleeding of the gums.

  • Poor nutrition in their lack of vitamin C causes bleeding in many people, because the uncontrolled rhythm of life causes the lack of nutrients needed for a denture as healthy as the rest of the body.
  • In some stages, women, whether pregnant or during their pre-menstrual cycle, are bleeding gums due to the increase in the bloodstream throughout the body and in the case of pregnant women due to high levels of the hormone progesterone , causing the gums to react more to the bacterial plaque present in the teeth.
  • Already knowing the traumatic effects of inflammation in the gums that causes bleeding, you should make daily oral cleaning your best habit because these bacteria that are generated in your mouth reach the bloodstream causing other even more serious problems in vital organs such as the heart. In addition to normal brushing, we recommend using a dental irrigator to remove accumulated plaque.


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