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Tricks to Escape from Recovery of Weight gain After Dieting!


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Many times the body asks us to eat when in reality what we have is thirst. Remember to drink often to eliminate toxins. Teas help us burn fat and eliminate liquids. After the holidays come the good intentions, and with them the first diets of the year to lose weight. But it is as important to follow the regime as not to forget those tips that will help you not to get fat again. In this article we explain some tricks to say goodbye to the rebound effect, eat better, satisfy you with less food and combine food more effectively to keep us healthy and not get fat again.

Avoid Hypocaloric Diets

Very low calorie diets are not a healthy way to lose weight. Subject the body to unnecessary stress by not providing what it needs. Therefore, after these diets the body is more anxious to recover what was lost and, in addition, usually tries to maintain some reserves. Therefore we recommend consuming the necessary calories but improving the quality of the food and increase physical exercise. But how do I know how many calories my body needs? There are some tricks to reach that figure, but remember that it is best to go to a nutritionist to explain it and set a personalized diet to your needs.

How Many Calories Does my Body Need?

To get an idea of ​​the recommended calorie intake (metabolic rate) for you there are several formulas. One of them, the Harris-Benefict, presents the following equation:

Once obtained the data of the necessary kilocalories you will have to take into account your level of activity and multiply the result by that number:

  1. Sedentary (no exercise): TMB x 1.2

  2. Light activity (1 to 3 days / week exercise): TBM x 1,375

  3. Moderate (3 to 5 days / week exercise): TBM x 1.55

  4. Intense (exercise 6-7 days / week): TBM x 1,725

  5. Very intense (exercise twice daily at high intensity): TBM x 1’9

Avoid Diets with High Protein Content

Nor are healthy diets that are lowered in large amounts of protein because the body is also being forced to make an excessive effort to store them. Recent studies have shown that abusive protein intake can increase the risk of heart failure. It is especially important that you do not abuse proteins of animal origin because of their high level of saturated fats. In short, as with everything, in the extremes is never virtue, so feed yourself with all the nutrients in a balanced way.

Chew Well

This step is essential to digest food well but also to increase the feeling of satiety by eating less food, since hunger lasts about 20 minutes when we start eating.

Monitor Food Combinations

Foods do not “fatten” the same as we combine them, so we will try not to mix those eaten together that are more difficult to digest. In general, it is best not to mix too many foods in one meal. In any case, we must use common sense and distribute the nutrients according to the activity we are going to perform:

Choose Satiating Foods so as not to Fatten up Again

A good option are fruit smoothies , in which we can mix some and beat them with water, in addition to sweeten them with a little stevia if the fruits are not very sweet or give them more flavor with a teaspoon of pure cocoa. On the other hand, natural juices are not so satisfying because when they are squeezed, instead of liquefying, they do not contain the fiber of the fruit. Another very healthy option is gazpacho, a vegetable shake (tomato, pepper, cucumber,) that we will take without filtering so that it retains its natural fiber.

The Benefits of Whole Foods … Really

In addition, whenever we can we opt for whole foods (bread, rice, pasta, etc.), which are more satiating and nutritious because they conserve all the parts (bran and germ) after being ground.

“They have high fiber content and a good concentration of minerals”.

Of course, remember to look well at the label to find those real integrals. How can you tell them apart? Its first ingredient should always be whole wheat flour … (wheat, spelled …) or, in any case, have a percentage of flours or cereals greater than 75%.

Drink Liquids

Many times the body asks us to drink when in reality what we have is thirst. In addition, drinking helps we eliminate toxins that accumulate in our body. We should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water between meals, but we can also choose infusions. Green tea and red tea help eliminate excess fluid from the body and also burn fat deposits. We can prepare a liter of tea a day, which we will take before mid-afternoon to avoid insomnia problems, even though they do not contain too much theine. We can add a little lemon juice and sweeten it with stevia.

If you want to avoid the rebound effect and stay healthy follow these tips. It is normal to make mistakes in the diet but remember to exercise and maintain a balanced diet always adjusted to your needs. Based on tests you will see what works best for you.


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