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Types of Vegan Diets that You can Apply to Lose Weight!

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There are those who make vegan diets to maintain a good state of health or to lose weight. This type of diet includes foods that can have various benefits, either because they are delicious, healthy or because they satisfy the appetite. Let’s do a little history, do you think? In 1847 the term vegetarian was coined during a meeting of the Vegetarian Association of Great Britain. For the time, the followers of this tendency had as premise the “Pythagorean System”. Taking as a basis that eating animal meat was similar to killing a family member and eating it. Since you know a little of its origin, it is important that you know some vegan diets to lose weight.

How to Lose Weight with Vegan Diets?

 Low Fat Diet

Diets with high protein content are made by eating red meat and chicken. However, this can be counterproductive if you are looking to lose weight. Now, meats and chicken usually contain a high percentage of fats, which are usually more difficult to burn by the human body, even if you exercise. Therefore, the ideal is that you eliminate the meat and chicken, and replace them with carbohydrates, for example, beans or grains. The latter, contain less than half of calories than fats of animal meat. Therefore, they help maintain lasting control of body weight. For lunch, in substitution of meat and chicken, a healthy menu can be to prepare some bean burritos. They include: flour tortillas, a can of beans, lettuce in strips, onion, corn, tomato and avocado.

Vegan Diets that do not Include Dairy

It is thought that by consuming dairy products we help favor the care of calcium from our bones, but this is not so true. Milk has a high content of lactose, which affects the consumption of calories. If you are looking to take care of the calcium in the bones, you should also avoid the consumption of proteins of animal origin, because when it is consumed in high quantities the calcium loss is stimulated.

“That being said, the best way to avoid osteoporosis is to put aside the animal protein”.

Also, if you want to repair the loss of calcium, milk consumption is not the best option either. An ideal option to replace dairy products is to include green vegetables in our menu, such as broccoli or cauliflower, which in this case have a higher percentage of calcium. A healthy recipe can be: brochettes of grilled vegetables. There you can include lots of vegetables. For example: onion, red and green paprika, zucchini, tomato and mushrooms.

Diets without Egg to Lose Weight

In the ideal diets the egg is not included, they are also known as vegan diets. They also do not allow the consumption of proteins of animal origin and dairy products. The egg is used as an additional ingredient in some recipes. They are also consumed individually in its fried or scrambled version. However, eggs have a high concentration of cholesterol. It is estimated that around 213 milligrams are concentrated in an egg of normal size. Additionally, having a very sensitive and fragile shell are usually perfect eggs for the transfer of salmonella. Known as one of the main bacteria causing food contamination. For these reasons, vegans do not include eggs in their diets, since one of their main premises is to be healthy. Given this, replacing the egg may be easier than it seems, we already know that the consumption of this may have its risks; therefore, it would be better to replace it with fruits. Fruits are high in vitamin A and C , and are also rich in fiber. The best way to obtain these benefits is to include the fruits in the meals of each day. A good and healthy option would be to prepare a fruit salad.

Mental and Emotional Adaptation

In short, each person is responsible for their individual health, often requires a lot of mental effort and adaptation time to get used to this type of vegan diet. But if you want to lose weight in a healthy way, you can include in your feeding routine the tips we mentioned earlier. It is also important to learn about current food trends and not get carried away by some myths. As they say, all the effort we put into achieving an objective will sooner or later pay off.


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